Home Away From Home

Staycations/vacations are one of my absolute favorite things ever (who doesn’t love them) and sometimes you just want a homey feel and your own kitchen to cook meals in. You can now have both! In my opinion, this makes an experience in a city feel as if you were from there and you are able to have the most authentic visit. I have partnered with Booking.com to share with you how they have now made it easier than ever to rent a home in your city or in another. The coolest part is you can even list your own home if you want to share your house with others through Booking.com site! Want to try out a new city or thinking of moving to a new place? I highly recommend using Booking.com’s new way of listing your own home or renting from someone else to really feel like you are a local! I explored my own city and discovered you could rent bikes for $3 an hour! What a fun way to explore while staying comfortable. Don’t forget to also make use of my $30 off discount on Booking.com when booking your next trip by clicking herekate in salem-41.jpgkate in salem-55.jpgkate in salem-17.jpgkate in salem-23.jpg



Thanks to Booking.com for sponsoring this post.

Photos: Catherine Threlkeld Photography

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