Sundress Season

Hey Everyone! Hope you all are having a fabulous Monday!

Today I am partnering with August Morgan by Kate Hersch to share their gorgeous summer line with you all! This dress is my absolute favorite dress from the line and I have already worn it 5 times in a week…oops! But how fun are these sleeves? This would be the cutest 4th of July or Memorial Day Weekend dress–just add some fun earrings and heels for date night! I love a shirt dress and picked this one to share since shirt dresses are so versatile. They can be dressed up or dressed down. Here, I went for a bit of a mix with my hair up instead of down and some fun earrings. I also chose to wear flats since I was having a date night on the boat with Jimmie and heels and docks…just don’t go, unless you are more coordinated than I am 🙂 This is the Rum Punch dress and I am wearing an XS for reference! She also carries the CUTEST bar cart essentials and comfiest pajamas!






Thank you to August Morgan for sponsoring this post.


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