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Hey Y’all! This is a post I have been meaning to put up for a while now. I wanted to put it together to answer a lot of common questions about products I use. I will be updating this every little while with new items I love. Please feel free to email, comment, or DM me on Instagram (@prepofboston) if you have any questions about any of these products! I know many questions you all have are on hair so I will be posting a separate post on more details on what I use around that and only put up a couple around that topic here!

Lotion: Alba Botanica Hawaiian After-Sun Lotion I swear by this stuff. I use it all year round because 1. I LOVE the scent, it smells like summer to me: coffee, coconut, yumminess. It also is meant to be extremely hydrating since it is made for using after a day in the sun where you skin just gets drained of all of its moisture. I use this when my skin is still warm after I shower. It is so gentle that I have even used it on my face.

Moisturizer: Fresh Overnight mask I have loved the brand Fresh for a while now and have even worked with them which was a dream come true. Their overnight mask is a heavier moisturizer that I sleep with. I was scared at first since it is definitely a thicker mask but I have never broken out from it. My skin always feels amazing when I wake up. I also use their cleanser and it is super gentle.

Dry Shampoo: Living Proof , I LOVE this dry shampoo. It actually cleans your hair so it doesn’t feel like a normal dry shampoo. I have no joke tried every single dry shampoo option out there and this is one I swear by. I usually will take my blow dryer to my roots where I sprayed it for a few seconds after and massage with my hands just to work it into my hair better.

Mascara: Well People Expressionist Mascara in black and jane iredale PureLash. I use the conditioner first, always starting at the root of my lashes and working my way up to make my lashes appear fuller. You will immediately see how this formula is LIFE CHANGING and lengthens your natural lashes. I let this dry for a few seconds and then do the same motion with the mascara and apply two coats. I love this mascara since I never have fall out.

Bronzer: Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer or Nars in Laguna. Both of these bronzers have red undertones so you will never look orange or like an oompa loompa! A little goes a long way with both of these I always tap my brush a couple of time before applying. Nars has a slight shimmer and the Benefit one is completely matte.

Lip gloss: Nars Turkish Delight and Smith & Cult Life In Photographs  both of these are a beautiful light pink that are super subtle. They add a little brightness to your face which I love. Most days I only wear mascara, bronzer, and one of these.

Curling wand: T3 Micro Trio I tried this out c/o and I will never use another wand again. This baby holds a curl like no other and I love that it is one iron instead of 5 or 6 but can do so many different looks. I typically use the largest iron for touch ups and the smallest on first day clean hair since it is a tighter curl that then relaxes over the next few days.

Self tanner: St. Tropez Self Tan Express I recommend buying the mitt as well since it gives an even tan. I leave the tan on for the longest amount of time: 3 hours. I love how natural the tan comes out and yes, I do use it on my face. I apply it to my entire body and use what is left on the mitt to spread over my face. Tip: I put lotion on my hands, feet, and lightly on my elbows and knees to since those are the driest parts of our bodies so they tend to collect a lot of the product! ALSO, if you are a local Bostonian, I also go to blush tans in West Peabody (20 minutes north of Boston) and see Kate. She gives the most natural tans and they fade incredibly. If you don’t want your whole body sprayed, she can also just do your face or your upper body which is great for the winter.

Nail polish: Essie Ballet Slippers If you know me, you know my nails are always painted. I love how a simple nude or a plain white (although spray tans make white a little hard) can make you look clean and put together in one second. I am also weirdly good at painting my own nails but ever since gel nail polish came into the picture I go and get my nails done frequently; however, I got a couple infections from nail salons so I usually just get a gel polish change where they just paint my nails and I do my own cuticles at home!

Hair Scrunchies: Velvet hair scrunchies are my GO TO for holding my hair in pony tails or top knots. They don’t leave any creases in my hair which means I can go longer with out washing or styling my hair but if you know me you know I wear my hair down a lot but when I am working or running around the house, I always have my hair up and these save me time having to re do my hair.

Detergent (wow I must be an adult): Tyler Diva. I always tell people to buy this in the smaller size since it is less expensive and it is good to see if you like it first. It has a strong scent (in the best way possible) so I mix half with half of unscented laundry detergent. It is absolutely AMAZING and my perfume has been neglected lately since I don’t need it. I use it on Jimmie’s clothes, too, and he LOVES the compliments he gets at work and from complete strangers (not kidding) haha!

Photo by: Katie Salerno Photography






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