IMG_9029-2.jpgHappy Saturday everyone!

A couple weeks ago, I was just coming back to Boston from my amazing stay at Foxwoods  in Connecticut. Continuing my travels within 4 hours of Boston from this fall (we went to Nantucket, Newport, Portland, and a staycation in Boston!), this fit perfectly into the guidelines of quick getaways from Boston. It is a speedy 2 hour drive from the city and super easy to get to (there are signs everywhere). The fun thing about Foxwoods that I didn’t know is that there is SO much that they offer besides gambling and drinking. SO do not let that stand in your way of going. Although that is the main draw for most, I am neither a big drinker or a gambler, so it is important to know that I had an absolute blast and didn’t partake in either of those activities. We thought of this trip as a spa trip and it was certainly just that!

After checking in, we knew we wanted to do a little shopping at the Tanger Outlets. The coolest part about shopping at Foxwoods is that you don’t have to leave the building to shop! On the far side of the casino is the entrance to the Tanger Outlets so we didn’t have to wear our coats or carry anything extra around with us. We did our last minute Christmas shopping (with a week to spare), and grabbed a couple goodies for ourselves. The mall has all of everyone’s favorites and is always holding amazing sales and deals on usually higher priced items. I was able to buy a pair of boots I had been eyeing for a while for about half the price!

After a little post shopping rest (and java), we headed downstairs to G Spa for a couples massage. We were able to go to the second level of the hotel on the elevator and exit right into the spa. We were given spa shoes and robes and had a little snack and cucumber water while we waited for our appointment (I am always early, always). We were separated while we were waiting (men and women’s locker rooms), and Jimmie might have gotten a little curious and wandered a bit so I was alone in the massage room for a few minutes while they were trying to locate my boyfriend. “We are trying to find James”…oh boy. Anyways, he was found and we had the most amazing massage ever! We were so relaxed which we both needed desperately. We rarely dote on ourselves like that and the one hour of pure relaxation without any phones was the best present. We relaxed in the co-ed area and had some more cucumber water (Jimmie loves cucumber water so much we now have it in the fridge 24/7) and talked and relaxed a bit more.

For dinner we went to Alta Strada. I have been to a different location and it is one of my family’s favorite spots! The restaurant is right off the casino so people watching was fun. We turned our phones off again and just really enjoyed one another. We opted out of dessert from Alta Strada, although everything looked AMAZING and we took a walk to the other side of the building to Ben & Jerry’s. (Again, all of this is all in the same building)!!! We ended up splitting a pint since we are professionals at that and watching a movie back in our room.

We woke up to snow the next morning which was so exciting and beautiful. We checked out after having a little coffee and headed home! (Fun fact: valet is free at Foxwoods)! We had so much fun on our little getaway and could not be more thankful to Foxwoods for hosting us!





Thank you Foxwoods for sponsoring this post.

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